Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Observation Tuesday



1. an act or instance of noticing or perceiving.

2. an act or instance of regarding attentively or watching.

3. the faculty or habit of observing or noticing.
Observations I have made so far this Tuesday are:
  • The English summer weather is very unpredictable and rain produces frizzy hair which isn't the best look

  • Eamonn Holmes on This Morning is going to be an annoyance every morning this summer. Time for a channel change I think

  • Pauline Quirk has lost mega amounts of weight and very well done to her and I'm sorry but when she was being interviewed all I could focus on was the likeness to Cilla Black around the mouth area

  • Rhyddian of X Factor years back is not a one trick pony and actually sang a decent song on the telly today

  • I can't resist a bargain - Claires Accessories have ALL their sale stuff on 5 for £10 so it would be rude not to buy 2 bags, a belt, a pencil case and a yummy scarf

  • The house is still a shit tip and the decorating is still not done despite me promising myself it would be done before the kids finished for the summer holidays this coming friday

  • My little man is probably going to be absolutely fine in September when he moves to year 3. School arranged a transition just for him where he goes up to that end of school (as far away as he can get from his current classroom) every morning for the first 15 or so minutes this week accompanied by me just so he can see how it all works.  Today was day 2 and my main observation was the huge change in volume in comparison to the Key Stage 1 combined unit. Having auditory oversensitivity this is a definite plus point for him.  The teacher even said it was noisy this morning so it is definitely going to be better for him. I'm sure he will tell me his own observations when he comes home later today.

  • My last observation this tuesday would be that certain days out of a female cycle it is OK to just say balls to the healthy eating and go buy a piece of cake
I hope to make this a regular thing on a tuesday so if you fancy playing along there is an inlinz linky thingamajiggy at the bottom of this post.

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JulieJ said...

My DD is moving up to Yr 3 and is worried that it will be harder and she won't be able to do the work (but then we had the same last year and she was fine) She too suffers from hearing issues and there have been times when the noisy classroom has affected her learning. There are less than 30 in her class and I couldn't imagine what it would have been like for her in a combined Stage 1 class.
Sounds like your son will benefit from the change - even if he's not quite so sure now. good luck to him from me and my little monster.