Saturday, 4 February 2012


of the white stuff so far.

I don't feel the need to tell everybody on Facebook that it has snowed nor post a picture of my backyard like most folks over there have so I'm thinking my addiction has gotten over itself now.

Anyway the skies have so far dumped 8cm of the white stuff since 1:40pm today.

The youngest wanted taking to the park after about an hour. I made him wait until it had been coming down a couple of hours (yes I'm a cruel mum). The paths were covered but there wasn't a huge amount on the grass. It didn't stop him and the next eldest having an attempt at a snowball fight. I say attempt because it wasn't the best snow for sticking together and one of them had got new gloves that the snow preferred to stick to rather than together.

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Heather said...

lol that snow is mean when it refuses to stick together!!