Sunday, 19 February 2012

Keep Calm And All That

A phone app that produces that popular Keep Calm signage has amused one son and the husband the last day or two so I got it onto my phone and had a play.

I made one for my Facebook profile picture to remind me, on the odd occasion I step over there, that the games I used to be heavily addicted to are not real life. Yeah obviously I knew that already but I used to spend so much time on them when the kids were at school that my work was being neglected and that's not going to pay the bills. No good when you are self employed and in charge of your own work schedule and ultimately how much you earn.

So anyway I made this one to remind me to stay away from the games. If you want to use it yourself then feel free to snag it.


Lizzie said...

That's a good one, Kerry - maybe I should stick this up on the wall of our office; I am also responsibly for my own schedule and I have been known to waste the odd hour... hmm...
My DS also has this app. He has a huge collection of these poster pictures on his i-pod now. Some of them are really funny.

Cheryl said...

(we're not allowed access in our office! - good thing I'm only there half the week ;-))