Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Project Life

I was so up for this at the beginning of January. I saw the kit for 2011 on Becky Higgins' website and loved the idea, however in reality the shipping costs were just too high to get it over here at that time. Then I saw the announcement that she was using Amazon to sell the 2012 kits. I think that is where my wanting for doing this project this year stemmed from.

Back down to earth though with the news that Amazon UK wouldn't be getting the stock for a while. I wasn't impressed but thought hey ho take the pictures and then when it is released you will be ready. I have some Amazon vouchers saved up to use and then BAM last night an email to say that they are no longer using Amazon but are using a warehouse of their own instead. I can see the logistical reasons but to be honest as a customer with potential to want to buy a complete set of album, core kit, page protectors etc etc I am a bit peeved with first of all what seems to be a last minute idea to sell to europe without any stock ready in time to start at the beginning of 2012 and secondly how we were told that we would be buying it from Amazon and have vouchers but now can't. Some people got Amazon vouchers for christmas with this in mind (not me personally).

I have no idea how much their prices will be. It was suggested in an email that if they charge 24.99 canadian dollars for something it would be £23.99. Now I'm no mathematician but I do know that the exchange rate is not that rubbish.

So yesterday morning before I had even had the email to say they wouldn't be using Amazon I took the decision to buy an assortment of page protectors and use up my own stash for the pages. Financial sense to me. I was fed up of waiting. The website selling the official Project Life stuff is going live at 4pm today by the way which I found out last night but they aren't shipping until 7th February. Not even cleared customs according to a post on UKScrappers from them so how they know they will be starting to ship then I have no idea. Anyhow I'm trying not to be tempted and sticking to my principles but how strong I will be remains to be seen. The assorted page protectors came from Country View Crafts and they arrived this morning. Postage is free. Can't ask for better service than that. I'll definitely be using them again.

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Lisa said...

How frustrating! But I think you made a great choice. Life doesn't come in a kit, and your project will be even that much more personal by using up your stash! Hooray!