Sunday, 7 March 2010

Inspiration - Cath Kidston Style

Onto another of my favourite shops - Cath Kidston

I love her bags and when she teamed up with Tesco to produce a range of shopping bags I just had to get my hands on some of them.  I have 4 and use them a lot of the time.

I've got the first two on this picture then a cute blue spotty one

and then I treated myself to a christmas one

They were good value at £3.50 each plus 50p of that went to the Marie Curie charity.

This bag is my absolute favourite at the moment from the Cath Kidston ones on the website

closely followed by this one

I saw somebody the other day had some flowers in a jug instead of a vase and it looked really nice so I am definitely going to treat myself to a spotty jug at some point.

This strawberry mug is going on my wish list

Any of these peg bags would make me happy.

and I would love a new ironing board cover.  I usually get the JML stretchy ones and the designs are a bit too bold and bright.

I like these mugs too but in a male dominated household I don't think they will be making an appearance.

and wouldn't my Daisy look so cute curled up in one of these.  The big one obviously to accommodate her huge bottom.  Shame she would probably eat it.

a knitting bag which is not a necessity but a very big want.
I really wish I had discovered Cath Kidston whilst my children were smaller.  I would definitely have had this buggy.  It would have been one of many because I had a massive buggy obsession.  I must do a blog post about that another time.


Angie said...

I used to say that I wasn't keen on her stuff but I have had to change my mind now that we have an apple ...and a pear mug ... and a set of pudding bowls that look like mixing bowls. I also found myself agreeing with a lot of your wish list LOL
I have to say that what I have is good quality.

Claire said...

I love Cath Kidston. Just wish it was a bit more affordable

Lady Hopwood said...

I love Kath Kidston too - things you didn't know you needed until you saw them - yummy :-)

x Jo

theoldboathouse said...

All wonderful! Kath Kidston is so fab fab fab, cheers Katherine