Friday, 5 March 2010

Walk 9 & A Hospital Visit

Walk 9 was combined with a trip to hospital - only a review so nothing bad.

I will say at the outset that I am feeling a bit like a complete idiot taking pictures of my surroundings while there are people around so the pictures aren't too good as they were very quick point and shoot without focusing.

We saw a pigeon on the way down to the hospital.

A nice little seating area at the top of a very steep hill for those in need of a rest

The view from halfway down the very steep hill

The new entrance.  It was very nice on the way out to see a security guard telling somebody off for smoking by the door.  The lady said she was unable to walk off the premises so the guard told her to put out her cigarette.  As you can see the path isn't exactly huge to the road which is more or less where I was stood when I took this. Maybe if she didn't smoke then she would be in better health to be able to walk such a short distance.  I can't understand smokers at all - they stink, they are slowly killing themselves and their family and friends through passive smoking.  Sorry rant over now.

After standing at the automatic checkin for ages we found that childrens check in isn't computerised and we had to go down this glass corridor to the childrens centre.

They have some nice little gardens.

The hospital is brand spanking new and only opened in January.  Not all services are open yet but what I could see I was impressed with even if they had brought all the toys with them from the old hospital.

At this point I put the camera away because I was getting some very strange looks off the nurses.

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