Sunday, 21 March 2010


Remember that pot with the ivy and bulbs in that I thought were daffodils?   Well yes they are and I remembered why I didn't remember what they were.  The pot was one I bought from a local florist after easter or mothers day last year - I don't remember which - and was preplanted with the little miniature daffys.  They didn't last long after I bought them which is probably why there weren't very memorable. 

Anyway this is how they look now a week after my last photo.  Amazing what a bit of warmer weather can do.

I'm also keen to see this tulip open.  These are growing at an incredible rate and over the last 24 hours another bud has appeared aswell as this one.

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Lizzie said...

So pretty! Last year we had daffodils in January... this year everything is so late, but now the sun is out, it's certainly growing fast, to catch up.
The tulip looks interesting.. Dark pink or red I think.