Saturday, 6 March 2010

Inspiration - Laura Ashley Style

Our whole house is in need of complete redecoration but we have had to wait until we have had a loft conversion before starting.  It has given me lots of time to think about what I want to achieve.  One of my favourite shops is Laura Ashley.  We went into a local shop for a look around whilst the january sales were on.  My husband isn't a fan of that look and said it looked like an old ladies jumble sale.  I can see where he is coming from with his ideas as the displays were a mish mash of sale items and nothing seemed to really go.  I really wish I had had some money at the time because they were selling their furniture off at ridiculous prices in comparison to the original prices.  They had some gorgeous chairs at less than £100 which for Laura Ashley is a cheap price.

Anyway here are just a few of the pieces that I am currently yearning to buy.  Alternatives at cheaper prices will have to be sourced in order for me to buy everything we need.

I love this bird cushion

Union jacks seem to be all the rage at the moment amongst the shabby chic look. 
I didn't even know until earlier this week that there is a right way up on this either.  Apparently the white bit in the top left corner as you look at it is wider than the underneath white bit.  Something to do with a sailors distress sign in olden days. So there you go - a history lesson too.
I love love love beach huts as my kids will tell you.  Everytime we go to the seaside I have to take a picture of one.  France has some particularly lovely ones.  Anyway this cushion is on my wish list but I have no idea where for.

I have the catalogue and the front cover is exactly what I would love to achieve in my living room - minus the fabric sofa because it definitely will not mix with 4 kids, a husband who has a mucky job and 2 muddy dogs.

Now onto bedrooms.  At the moment we are unsure who will be sleeping where once the loft conversion is completed.  Would be a good idea to get started first mind but that will be in the next few weeks.  Teenage boys bedrooms are tricky especially when I have to bear in mind that my youngest is only 6 but will more than likely be sharing with my 14 year old.  So finding the right balance between little boys themes and older boys will be difficult. 

I am a big fan of ginghams and my little one currently has pale blue and red gingham and stripe beach hut design bedding but he is still in a cot bed and will be in a proper big bed when the work is done.  I am thinking maybe to just stick to something like this

or this

I could go on and on as there are so many lovely products but I won't as next time I will be sharing my favourite Cath Kidston products

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I love the caravan doorstep - its so cute
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