Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Knitted Socks Are History - Scarves Are The Future

well for a little while anyway.  Basically the boredom has set in and I just don't enjoy making socks anymore so I have started on a scarf.  I was really sad (not crying sad but geeky sad) and decided that since it is the F fortnight I would try and find a pattern starting with F.  It will probably be S fortnight before it is finished mind :)

So here it is - Flit 'n' Float

I'm not 100% sure I like working with yarn as fine as laceweight, having given up on several mystery shawl alongs after just a few rows but this is knitting up nicely and the pattern isn't too complicated.  I am tempted to give this scarf a try in 4 ply too or even double knitting/worsted for the winter - OK so that is a bit ambitious to get more than one done before the winter descends again.

My next step might be Ravelry to see if there are any mystery scarf along thingies happening now I have got the scarf bug.

I have a feeling I have missed the closing down date of our local yarn shop but I will go and looksie if it is still open because I don't reckon 100g of 4 ply will be enough for a scarf and that is what most of my balls are from my sock stash.


Lizzie said...

It certainly is a lovely pattern! Should stand being made up in 4-ply and I agree that it may also look pretty good in DK. I'll look out for a photo of this when it's finished - it will be fabulous!

Dimple said...

I came by from Skywatch, but wanted to comment on your scarf! It is lovely, and looks like it is working up well. I like the lacy look.

Sian said...

I think this is stunning! If I could knit like this I would be one happy crafter. I hope you keep on going with it.