Tuesday, 13 July 2010


I bought a really cheap budget rose from B&Q a few weeks ago in the hope that the dogs wouldn't go near it because of the thorns.  I wasn't expecting much from it and the bugs have eaten a good proportion of the leaves.  I certainly didn't expect it to grow so quickly and bloom so beautifully.  Roses aren't something I like the smell of very much. All that messing about as a child making rosewater put me off the scent for life.  These don't smell so bad though and I am definitely going in search of some companions for this bush.  I might even try a climber suitable for a pot as we have no earth to plant anything in.

The bees love them.  My photography skills aren't good enough to get a decent picture of one but I had a go.  You can just about see it.

This is what it was after inside the rose.

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Liz said...

they are really beautiful!