Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Next Step In Our Mission

The next step in our mission to get sorted out after the loft conversion is to get the boys room sorted out.

This room was the room all three boys slept in before the loft conversion and originally looked like this with the little ones bed stopping the door from shutting. 

Now it is empty it seems so much bigger.  It will eventually, once finished, be for our 14 year old and 6 year old sons.  The 12 year old gets his own but that is another story.  Might not seem fair but there are reasons.

Where the wardrobe was on the first picture had to be taken up with the turn of the staircase but the builders made us a little cupboard out of the space which will come in handy for clothes.

As they differ in age so much it is going to be very simple decor (well until the bunk beds clutter it up again). That dark blue is going to take a lot of covering. I have gone for pale blue walls with a slight football theme as they both have a common interest but not over the top because obviously 14 year olds don't want themed rooms.  A picture or two and his Leeds United calendar plus maybe some lights or bunting but that is as far as it goes.  Oh and the little one is having football bedding but the older one is having something more inkeeping with his age. I'm going to try and keep as much clutter out of the room as possible which may well involve a few trips to the tip but shhhhhh.

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Lizzie said...

It must be great to have the extra space now, with the option to split the boys into 2 rooms. I like the sound of the decor arrangements - bunting sounds fun. Have you seen those strings of lights with "football" shades on them? You could always paint a wide stripe round the top of the room, if you wanted to add some interest, without doing a "themed" room. Carry it down to the floor on one out-facing corner or by the door... it looks great in a boys' bedroom!
Happy decorating!