Monday, 26 July 2010

Like A CJ But Knitting - YAY

I've just signed myself up for something that is the knitting equivalent of  a Circle Journal for scrappers.  The scarf journey or travelling scarf is a scarf that is knitted in round robin style just like you complete a page in a CJ.  Each person knits a portion of the scarf and at the end you get 10 or so contributions to your starting work.  I'm really looking forward to it and am dusting off my stitch dictionary to brush up on some of the lovely lacy/cable/other patterns in there. 

I'm told we can pick the yarn to send round so it is all the same or we can ask for a particular shade or we can have an anything goes scarf. A bit like the older Doctor Who actors.  I'm unsure yet what I am going to do but I'm siding with the idea of providing the yarn and then at least I know it will go with the clothes I have.

It should be really interesting seeing so many other peoples' work just the same as with a CJ. It starts in September so watch out for updates on what I do.

For anybody in the UK who is on Ravelry and interested the group is here


Liz said...

Sounds interesting! We are doing one on the Let's Knit forum which is making as many small items for charity out of a ball of yarn.

Sian said...

I really like this idea :) Now that I've started knitting again I should check out Ravelry, what do you think?