Saturday, 24 July 2010

Summer School Holidays

So the long summer holidays have started. 6 weeks of no compulsory early mornings and making sure everything is organised. We can stay in pjs for as long as we like, eat when we like and do what we like. 

I have a complete blank canvas this time apart from two dental appointments, one play date with our autism group and one kids party.  We aren't having a holiday which will be the first time in a lot of years so the holidays will definitely seem longer. As with most kids, mine thrive better on routine and structure so I have provided them with a list of 'maybe' places to visit and things to do and they have added their own.  They understand that a lot of things will be dependent on the weather and the list will be flexible based on that. There will be days when we do nothing and days that are full, days that are fraught with anxiety and days that are fun but those are the highs and lows of the summer holidays.

I bought a few bits and pieces from the Summer Crafting event last weekend at Doncaster to fill the boredom.  My little one has such fun doing crafty things so it should be money well spent.    

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Wifey10 said...

Yeah it's nice when school is off, and that means summer and holiday time :). See your on card making? Was thinking of engaging to card making too, gathered few bits of crafts already. By the way this is Roxxy from Canterbury. I'm new to blogging so hopefully we could follow each other here and be friends as well. Thanks!