Friday, 9 July 2010

Mission Accomplished

The whole purpose of the building work we had done was so the boy could have his own space which he has so desperately needed. 

He didn't want to go into the loft because of the noise when it is windy and rainy so we moved up there.

We have decorated our old room for him and he moved in there earlier this week.  It isn't finished yet because a lot of his stuff is in boxes in his old room and the furniture needs replacing.  Those brown drawers are the most hideous and noisy piece of furniture ever and will be replaced asap along with the 80s wardrobe.


Sarah C said...

Looks lovely. Hope you're all really happy in your new rooms xx

Chris T said...

Great when a plan eventually comes together - it's looking good. Are you enjoying your new space too??

Rachel said...

Lovely loft conversion, With the skylight almost sleeping below the stars.