Friday, 30 July 2010

Rudely Awoken By The ......


I had one of those nights last night where you wake up and just can't get back off to sleep. You know the sort I mean? Very annoying when it happens. 

I kept hearing a vehicle going backwards and forwards down the rabbit warren of streets near us and was really surprised when I looked out of the window to see the rare sight of a milkman driving up and down delivering his goods.  I didn't know there was much call for people having milk delivered any more with the commercially available cartons etc but obviously people still use this dying service.  Supporting their local businesses which is a good thing.

We always used to have our milk delivered when we were kids. It was the done thing then because there weren't the big supermarkets or even the cartons we have now.  I bet not that many kids would know what a milkman is now.

My clearest memories of having milk delivered are of waking up to bottles like this on a winters morning

and also the holes we found in the top of the silver caps due to this happening.


Lizzie said...

Yes, we have a milkman that delivers to our village too. I remember those frozen bottles, with a half-inch of cream rising out of the top - and the cheeky birds!
Milkmen deliver a lot more than milk nowadays - my mum can order dairy products, bread, fruit juice, biscuits, cakes, eggs and sweets - even other things sometimes. I don't bother with a milkman because it seems like too much hassle... perhaps I should try it though.
Hope you managed to catch up on your sleep. We all have mornings like that from time to time.
Happy snoozing!

Zoe said...

Hi Kerry - Yes, we used to have our milk delivered too. Everyone did down our street. I had the Co-op deliver or milk when we were first here but stopped as he could not deliver on Thursdays. He also delivered so late in the day that I had left for work and the milk curdled in the summer.

Thank you for your lovely comment.

Lesley said...

Last year I was visiting Arundel and I saw a wire basket with milk bottles outside one of the terrace houses. I remember the milk truck coming down our street (in Canada) but in my memory it was always in the daytime.