Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Confidence Drainer

I've decided that I'm no longer going to fool myself about my ability and all my future scrapping is for myself and my family, as it should be.  I've applied for several design teams lately and only one actually bothered to acknowledge my application. It was a no which I expected but I appreciate that email.

So......I won't really be showing much of my scrapbook work  in the near future.  There might be a few things such as my remaining Punky Scraps work and my shop blog but my confidence is at a deep low to put much into the public spotlight. I am also aware of a number of people I know in real life who are constantly taking the piss about what I put on here so less scrapbook pages will add less fuel. I'm not stupid and I will do as I always have done once I realised what was going on and stand up tall and ignore it.  If they are talking about me then they are leaving somebody else alone.  As the old saying used to go 'todays news is tomorrows chip wrappers' except they no longer use newspapers to wrap chips in anymore lol.

As for my confidence - well I'll pick it back up soon and move on with life.


Sweetncrafty Gal said...

Oooo Kerry, I'm so sorry to hear this!! I too apply alot for design teams and never hardly hear back like u say it wouldn't hurt just to mail!! That's why I was thrilled when u chose me for the craft garden!!!

Don't be disheartend tho Hunny there are dt's out there that would really appricate your work I think your scrapbooking is fantastic to be honest it's something that scares me so you go girl!!! I expect to see more pages!!! Stuff what people say there just jealous you have a wonderful hobby and they just sit on there bum that's what I say!!!

Ps I'm loving the new flowers in the shop very well done to you for opening back up!!!

Lots of luv n hugs carlyann xxxxx

furrypig said...

Hi I found your blog via BFS and just wanted to say hi and thanks for sharing your LO's as I think they are great! I only started scrapbooking last year and have hardly made any pages this year so love looking at other blogs for ideas and inspiration and that's what you do for me! There are some nasty rotten people in the world and sorry they have been present in your life, there are others out there who appreciate what you do and who you are don't forget that. xxx

Kerry said...

Thanks sweetie xx

K said...

Hunny, step back & look at why you want to Scrap, I'm sure you started for the fun of it, & probably to record memories. Try & get that feeling back. I also have been over looked for quite a few DT positions, & it is very disheartening, especially the way many dont bother getting in touch or send a standard email. So I've also stopped applying & am scrapping for fun, and share with my blog readers.

Also with DTs you have to have the STYLE they are looking for, you have to impress the person(s) choosing the team, that doesnt mean your pages are bad, its just not what they want.

As for "real" people making fun of your work, people like that are purely pathetic, they must be jealous of you in some way because I cant find anything to laugh at with your layouts.

I hope you get your confidence back soon ((hugs))

Lynn said...

Sorry to hear your confidence has taken a knock. I too have found your blog through BFS and have enjoyed looking at your layouts. Non scrapbookers just don't get it - I know my friends don't. Thats why I have enjoyed meeting some many likeminded people in blogland. Sending you some cyber hugs!

Beatnix said...

The thing with scrapbooking as you know is that each page you do is personal to you and so won't be to everyones taste. That's why I refused to teach it when I had my shop - I'd teach the techniques but a lot of the newbies didn't want that - they wanted to learn "scrapbooking" ie give them a page to copy. So basically what I'm saying is who cares what people think - if you like your page and it's perfect for your photo then that's all that counts.

Your pages are lovely - we all have our own styles and tastes. I found that when I did pages specifically for display then they were never as good as the ones I did just because I had the perfect photo - and don't forget, display items and design teams are really just to promote products - not the photo or the memory. If they don't choose you for their design team - well it's their loss isn't it!

Don't let others spoil something you love and besides, we all have pages we love and pages we loathe - at the end of the day, they all go into your album and you can choose who you want to see them. xxx

karenw said...

I hav e just discovered your blog through Tessa's blog. Loved your work. But I totally get the influence the confidence killers have out there. In the past I often wondered if my work was good enough to be shown. Then this year I have just thought " (insert rude word here) it.. this is my style, others can either take it or leave it" - but that niggling doubt will always be there of course. sigh. Artists are there own worst enemies.

On a brighter note, I have just read back through your blog and am loving the knitting. I have only tried socks once and used non-sock cotton - doh! It made a nice pouh for our point and shoot camera..

and I too have determined this is the year to learn how to crochet. Oh that Amy butler organic yarn is gorgeous.


JulieJ said...

Don't be disheartened. I'm sure there are loads of people who love your pages, so please don't stop sharing. If you want to leave off posting here, join soulscrappers.com. The ladies there are lovely and ALWAYS leave such encouraging comments. I posted a LO I wasn't sure about and they actually chose it as a featured LO!!!!!!!
Happy scrapping.