Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Eastenders Cover We Have Been Waiting For

Finally the baby snatch story is uncovered. I was so pleased to see this TV mag cover in Sainsburys today. At last Kat and Alfie (ok and Michael) have their baby back and Ronnie is behind bars.

Eastenders is the one soap apart from Holby City that I watch religiously. I know that it is very sad for me to get excited about a fictional story.



dogmatix said...

haha..i dont watch soaps often but am glad this story is coming to an end. may even make the effort to watch it! as for being silly? absolutely not....u should have seen how silly i got when the boss brought back the Radio Times and my new SFX this afternoon.....only 10 days till Dr Who lol

Carol Anne said...

I didn't realize Eastenders was still on TV. We don't get it anymore here in the States. Plus it would be hard to watch it without seeing Paulette...