Wednesday, 6 April 2011

One Year On

Today the prompt on Shimelle's Blogging For Scrapbookers course is absolutely perfect for me.  She wants us to think about how things have changed with us since a previous point in time.

Today marks the one year anniversary since work started on our loft conversion.  These posts from last year tell most of the story but I had already planned to do a one year on update so maybe it is fate that the prompt for today is so apt.

Originally I bought plain white bedding with just a hint of embellishment but recently I decided that it just wasn't practical with a 7 year old who loves to have his bedtime story under the skylight looking at the stars, clouds, sunset etc depending on the season and I fell in love with this Kirstie Allsopp Lydia set.  It was pricey but worth it.  My husband isn't so impressed with the floral aspect but ho hum TOUGH because I like it.

You will have to excuse my bed making skills to take this photo. My husband is so much better at it than me.

My favourite thing (after my new bedding) is this Laura Ashley door stop.

It is still a novelty to actually have a bedroom door as we didn't have one for a lot of years.

My least favourite part of the bedroom in the loft is the storage area the builders created for us.  It is handy but unsightly so behind the corner is the best place.

A lot of things happened after the work was finished not least that my husband was out of work for a short time and ended up taking a job that was less money than his previous one.  We are only just getting back on our feet after having to make a lot of financial adjustments so we still don't have a stair carpet and we still haven't decorated downstairs but that is another story.

Anyway this is the staircase as it is today which is no different from how it was the last time I showed you it after we had painted the walls apart from a lot of dust bunnies that I have no desire to hoover up right at the moment because I'm a bit lazy like that.

It also shows the opening into the whole purpose of the loft conversion which was to get one of the boys a room of his own.  The reasons for this are another story aswell.  He was originally supposed to have the loft room but after hearing the noise of the wind and rain during a bad storm while we were still decorating he decided he would have another room. 

This is the main staircase which I bitterly regret pulling up the carpet from.  At the time we thought we would be getting a new one within a matter of a couple of weeks but obviously that didn't happen.  This is the number one priority once we have saved enough as it is very old and splinters in feet are not pleasant.  Again lots of dust bunnies.

Now to the bottom of the stairs - we moved our bookcase temporarily but I actually quite like having it here.  It originally had a door which rattled in the wind which led straight into my horrible green coloured kitchen.  The kitchen is still that horrible shade but they built a little partition to comply with building regulations which I absolutely love.  It means I can shut off the stairs from the dogs and the house is warmer in the winter.  I've also added a cabinet to house my knitting and sewing stash which is spilling all over. Again it is a bit of a mess and the bookcase needs a good tidy up.

Finally another thing I absolutely love is this light.  It is in the little partition bit they built.  I bought it because I thought it would be a bit like a windchime when the back door was open but the ceiling is too high and the partition is too enclosed.  I still love it though.

Next step after the stair carpet which I have decided we will forego a holiday for is decorating downstairs.  Hopefully by this time next year lol


Sarah said...

I have really enjoyed reading all about your house renovations and seeing it come together as we have recently had some work done in our house and have more planned over the next 2 years (although not a loft conversion). I blogged about it this week. It does take time doesn't it as time/money allows. Oh and I love the doorstop!!!

Lizzie said...

It was great following your posts last year, seeing your project as it happened.
It's nice to see it (almost) finished now. I hope the saving up is successful and you soon have your carpet and new paint.
We also ran out of funds at the end of our new bedroom project, so have been waiting to "save up" for more items that we need. Plans: to put some kind of storage in the messy corner of the bedroom; to paint the hallway a light colour - since we lost the window, it's rather dark; to replace the grubby stairs/landing carpet.... other stuff as we get round to it! So it's not just you ... and neither are the dust bunnies and untidy bookcase etc - us too!

Heather said...

Dust bunnies have appeared in my house over the years too but ours look suspiciously like cat-hair!!! Loving the update on the loft xx