Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter Sunday Walk By The River

Yesterday we went for a walk by the river.  I've put pictures on before of a bridge across the river but I'll be honest and say that I've not been up one particular side of it before.  It forks and we have only stayed on the other side of the fork before so this was a whole new walk seeing things we have never seen.

We decided to have a little try at something we haven't done before - geocaching.  Unfortunately for us when we found the place there were people around and apparently you aren't supposed to give away what you are doing so we left it for another time.  We are still geocache virgins lol

Lots of boating people were enjoying the sunshine.

Just one crop of bluebells so I couldn't resist a quick pic

The dog enjoyed his freedom.  We only took one.  The other is showing signs of coming into season (yet again).  I swear that girl must have the most seasons ever. The vet won't spay her until she has been three months clear of one because of increased chances of bleeding yet she doesn't go three months!

A few geese along the way

so back on the lead

plus there were some horses stood right in front of the gate we had to go through which was fun particularly as one which is hidden on the picture was facing the other way to the two you can see and as everybody knows you shouldn't walk behind a horse especially with a dog that could freak it.

At the other side of the gate was a little paddock with a couple of donkeys in. So cute.

take a look at their home - it is an upside down boat.

and then on the way home there was time for a play on the swings.

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furrypig said...

looks like the perfect walk to me!