Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Day Is Almost Upon Us

Royal Wedding day that is.  If you haven't seen all the hype where the hell have you been lol

If you are hiding away from it all then I don't blame you.  There is big danger of overkill going on in the media circus.

However, it isn't every day or even every decade that a future king of England gets married (OK we will forget that Charles tied the knot with Camilla less than 10 years ago because that wasn't anything like this scale).

As a little girl I can remember bits of Princess Diana getting married from what we saw on TV and then the Duchess of York a short time later. 

So what do you think Kate's dress will be like?

I think it will be something very simple but with the WOW factor at the same time.  I don't think there will be miles of train following her. Maybe a couple of yards but nothing extravagant.

As for the bridesmaids I really don't know. Again I think it will be simple yet effective. 

Somebody has told me the bouquet is rumoured to contain lilac and wisteria so maybe a purple theme.

One thing that is more or less certain is that Prince William will be wearing his RAF uniform.

Will you be watching? Are you in another country and getting up early to watch it live?


Lizzie said...

I think we'll turn on the tv to see the wedding itself, but probably not "go mad" for the rest of the day... too much media hype and fuss.
But you're right - it's a rare event, to see a future king getting married - and quite rare to see any royal wedding. I will have a look and I'm sure I will enjoy it! I am very pleased for Prince William and hope they will be happy together.

JulieJ said...

I am organising a photo walk to avoid watching it and take advantage of less crowds. I just hope his luck is more like his mothers than his parents and aunts and uncles.