Thursday, 28 April 2011

Skywatch - 28th April 2011

In honour of tomorrows big event

 This one is a staged picture with the flag I bought my youngest son to wave tomorrow.  I say youngest because the older boys are not interested in the slightest little bit. 

This one I took this morning while I was walking past the town hall type thingy we have nearby.  It is on my phone so very rubbish.

and this one is a sneaky one I took while I was in town using the hipstamatic app on my iphone.  I felt rather stupid pointing my phone while it was very busy so I just held it as if I was texting and shot a few pics.  This is about the only one which was anything worth looking at and even then it had people on the bottom so I have cropped it.


Tracy said...

Great pictures and which big event would you be talking about? lol, I think the whole world is going to be watching.

Martha Z said...

You'r getting ready for the "Big Event". I think I'll pass, 3am is too early for me but I'm sure there will be lots of video on offer latter in the day.

uberrhund said...

I like the last shot of the criss-crossing banners ,sometimes those single shots fetched out of a batch of rubbish are the best!
I think I will pass on the 1 am Pacific time wedding, lots of coverage tomorrow I am sure!

EG Wow said...

We've been seeing a LOT of the Union Jack lately. People have to get up at 2am to see the festivities, although I guess the actual ceremony will happen at 5 am. I hope all goes well!

""rare*jonRez"" said...

I love the drama created in the last picture! :)

I have a gloomy shot of The Struggling SUN , hope you can visit me as well!

Joyful said...

So wonderful to see you are excited about the big event. I can still remember getting up very early in the morning ( 5 a.m. EST in Canada) when Diana wed Prince Charles. I'm hoping I can stay up a few more hours to catch the wedding of Prince William and and Kate.