Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Art Of Quilting

Yesterday I picked up this for the grand sum of 99p.

I was successfully avoiding the demons in my head telling me to call at the bakery and get a cornish pasty.  They are evil demons but I was strong yesterday!  Anyway this caught my eye and helped those pangs.  They are offering a few freebies if you sign up for the next couple online.  I'm loving the fabrics provided with this issue plus you get a reel of white cotton and some needles. All for cheaper than the cost of the horrible greasy fat laden pasty I was going to get lol


Debbie said...

I really need to learn how to sew. I've got 2 quilting ideas in my head, and no way to carry them through (short of bribing my mum.)

Julie J said...

My Mom bought me that when she went to get her paper. The freebies sound tempting but if you look on the back, I think it says that there are 90 issues to complete your quilt. At £3.99 an issue, you are looking at over £350 and more nearly 2 years before you can finish.
Agree with you that 99p for the first edition is better than your pasty, but I think there are better ways to make a quilt.