Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January - Make A Month 2012

See that badge over there ------------------>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I pledged to make something every month in 2012.

Since it is the last day of January I suppose I'd better show you what I made

I have signed up for a craft fair in the spring so I've been playing around with new ideas in my head mainly.  I decided to have a mess around with designs and see how they worked and these are the first two of those.  Keyrings - one made with two felt scalloped circles stitched together with cotton yarn and the other is a crocheted ruffle like the brooches I sold at the last fair.

I'm not sure if these styles will make the final cut but I'm reasonably happy with them.

I'm not happy with the photo as I left it too late to get any natural light not that there has been much of that here today.  Brrrrrrr it's freezing!

Annie at The Felt Fairy has organised the whole Monthly Make thingy.  There is a flickr group for each month and the January one is here


Lisa said...

Cute! What a great pledge to make; a little added push to get things out of your head and manifested.

Rumtruffle said...

This is beautiful Kerry x