Saturday, 21 January 2012

Just To Clarify

and because I was dared to post a picture of my kitchen shite I just mean things people have put down on there and not bothered to pick back up. I am the worst culprit closely followed by my youngest son.

Currently there is a football shirt he wore to the panto last night which is still clean enough to wear today, packets of Haribo sweets which he has left over from taking to school to share with his classmates on his birthday earlier this week, more Haribo that he was bought for his birthday, his lunchbox that is his responsibility to empty and is still sat there full, his teddy of choice that he brings down every morning and take back up when he goes to bed, a pile of clothes I've just taken out of the dryer ready to take upstairs next time I go up, a food storage container which usually lives on top of my kitchen cupboards but my eldest son needs it for GCSE cookery early next week so has left it there, husbands work bag, fish tank and food, hat and scarf, pencil case, 4 old books from the library, 1 cross stitch book from the library which I intend to find an alphabet from for the AtoZ of discovery, a party bag, two old invitations from youngest sons party last week, a manicure set, a whoopie cushion, a pencil case, reward charts and stars, school letters, eldest sons mock exam results, colouring books, a mixing bowl with cluedo slips in, brownie paperwork, a lollipop, smellies from Christmas and a few bits of paper and pen tops. Oh and the lovely embossing powders I won but haven't been able to use yet because the heat gun I bought from the Create and Craft show in Doncaster in the summer doesn't work. I've used it once and now it is dead. I've been in touch with them and am waiting for them to get back to me.

So there you have it

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