Sunday, 22 January 2012


I won't be putting pictures of dog hair corners on here as also dared to do!

I use the Dyson every day but with two big dogs the hair just keeps coming. Anybody who owns two or more dogs will know just what I mean. One is black the other is fair so regardless of what you wear you end up covered!

I'm not the slob you all must now think I am after the last couple of posts. I wish I could be clutter free and it could be second nature to put things in their place rather than on the kitchen table or the other clutter hot spot which is the dog cage. Our living room was actually quite tidy and relatively clutter free before December when the Christmas stuff came out. I was so looking forward to putting it all away again after Christmas but was left with (as probably most people are) new toys without a place to call their own yet. Currently they are living on the hearth and top of the dog cage. Last week my youngest had his birthday so yet more toys were added. I have no idea why I thought big boxes of Lego were a good idea when we already have a gazillion Lego pieces. One thing he particularly likes are his Hexbug sets. I got him a small one for Christmas and a raceway one for his birthday but he also bought another big one with his Christmas money. I don't mind this type of clutter just now though. We've been there with the older kids and I know that it will all eventually make it's way up to his bedroom. He is a child and children have toys in the real world!

I wish the clutter free thing was second nature and I suppose if I had a nice big craft room in one of those perfect houses with the perfect people then a lot of that problem would be alleviated. Ain't going to happen though. One thing that can happen is a clear out and I think that is just what I am going to do. I have (like every other crafter) way way way too much stuff I won't ever use so clearing it out seems the sensible thing to do. I can be brutal when it comes to sorting out. I'm not one of those crazy hoarder people who can't get in rooms for stacks of stuff.

Do these perfect people have piles of laundry? I bet they do! I always have at least two or three loads ready to go in the machine. It's one of the most tedious jobs after all the hoovering up. Right now the basket is overflowing and reaches over the top of the washing machine despite doing two loads yesterday. Just wanted you to know!

Washing up - well I don't have a dishwasher - unless you count me. That is something else that is tedious but I keep on top of. I don't like to see dirty pots. Mainly because I know that the longer you leave them the harder they are to clean especially cereal stuck to the side of bowls. I wash up after every meal just about as soon as I've finished eating. If I've used a pan for prep I will usually wash that while our meal is cooking. Right now there are a few mugs and glasses from last night waiting to be washed but that is it.

There you have it - in some ways I am a slob but in others I'm not. I've been honest and I'm glad I have been able to do that. Life is not perfect despite what anybody wants to portray their lives to be!

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