Friday, 20 January 2012

Coming Out

no not in that way!!

I have quite a combination of blogs that have found their way onto my google reader over the years and cutting straight to the point about 90% of them are full of perfect people living perfect lives with perfect children and perfect husbands in their perfect spotlessly clean perfect houses with freshly cooked wholesome food on the table every night. For goodness sake people get a grip and live in the real world!

I read this post by Karen Russell the other day and my husband asked what I was laughing at. Apart from the pyjamas and the god bit that could be me making those realisations. I'm still smiling even now thinking about it and how I'm not the only one to realise that a lot of blogland is fake. Yes I really did say that - call the blog police or unfollow me if you don't like it.

That wholesome food is slowly appearing due to me taking the decision to organise our meals into shopping list form and not just pick up whatever takes my fancy in the supermarket because we are skint and lists are the only thing which stops the overspending on food we end up throwing away. The wholesome meals don't end up on the table though. We eat on our laps in front of the TV (usually watching Neighbours) shock horror!

My kitchen table permanently houses all manner of shite including christmas smellies that I haven't put away yet and my son's fish tank. There are three chairs around it, one of which is broken so only two people ever sit there at a time.

There is dust, balls of dog hair and god knows what else in every corner of my house and other places besides. The whole of the downstairs needs new flooring, we have no stair carpet, the kitchen cupboards are falling to bits, the bathroom has black mould on the walls which refuses to budge with even the toughest of mould removing products, both those rooms are desperately in need of renovation and decorating which we can't afford. I don't wash the bedding every week, sometimes not even every month. The back yard currently has two days worth of dog muck waiting to be picked up.

This year I've decided that I'm not going to be a sheep. I can't afford to do all the 'latest classes' which almost always turn out to be an overpriced disappointment anyway. I've spent a fortune in the past on such things that never really promise what they set out to do. I even bought a pair of shoes once because somebody else had them on a blog and I liked them. They were one of the most uncomfortable pair of shoes I've ever worn. I've bought kits to go with classes that have, in my opinion, been full of crap that the person selling them wanted shut of. I know why people are like sheep because I've been there myself so many times but NO MORE.

I've said this before aswell and to hell with it - I'm saying it again. Some people on facebook really do my head in with their constant moaning about everything 10+ times a day. Do they not see how other people perceive them? I have friends on there who I always thought were ok but looking at their facebook status updates, or spam as I like to think of it nowadays, I've been given a different view of them.

I think I've got it all out of my system now so I'll leave you with those thoughts and go back to my perfect little house and wait for my perfect children to come home whilst I slave over my shining cooker with my husband's slippers ready for him to put on upon his return from his very highly paid job.


Michal Erika said...

That was a pretty gutsy rant! I double-dog dare you too add some pictures of dog hair and shite covered tables.

Stephanie J said...

LOL! Thanks for saying what most of us are thinking - you go, girl!

Cheryl said...

brilliant honesty. took me a long time to realise that all these perfect people were lying - or at best polishing things up a bit... this made me very happy to read x

WillieburgScrapper said...

SO. TRUE! I have particular distaste for the Project Life entries with the 5 dollar coffee cups showing up 3 times a week and the constant need to broadcast what they bought. I also "love" the photos of perfect scrap rooms with thousands of dollars worth of SHELVES- never mind the product! This was awesome.