Thursday, 17 April 2014

100 Happy Days - 24 to 29

First of all fab news after photo 23 which was the interview my daughter was going for. She got the job and from September will be a fully fledged newly qualified geography teacher. So proud of her.

Day 24 - a knitting commission for a customer of our local wool shop. 

Day 25 - an eye test for my youngest and new specs

Day 26 - a yummy freebie with the shopping delivery

Day 27 - we collected his new specs. Specsavers had an amazing offer on of free prescription sunglasses with kids glasses. Bearing in mind that kids glasses are free anyway this is a fantastic freebie. He's never been able to have sunglasses before because his prescription has always been big so has needed his glasses on all his waking hours. He's beyond excited for prescription sunnies. The husband thinks he looks like Chow from the hangover films. Not sure that's a good thing haha

Day 28 - a fun science workshop at our local high school. This one is making a bobsleigh to get an egg down a ramp safely and as quickly as possible. His name was top of the list when we left which pleased him no end. 

Day 29 - a bit of dug land amongst the weed chaos at the allotment. I've started a new blog just for allotment stuff but more of that later. 


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