Thursday, 10 April 2014

Punky Scraps April

The April challenge is live and here is my take on it:

 I was inspired by the colours and playful nature of the picture and chose a photo of my youngest on the Spin Dizzy ride at Diggerland.  I've written before about how he just missed out (by a day and a half  of hospital appointments) on going on the school trip to Diggerland for a full year attendance because he had his knee injury at the end of last June.  I promised him that as soon as he was in a physical position to fully enjoy the theme park I would take him myself.  He couldn't have done anything really because of the mobility issue had he gone with school anyway so it worked out for the best.  We ended up going on 31st October on a beautiful sunny day in half term and it was quiet enough for him to do as much as he wanted as many times as he wanted.  The one ride he was unsure of was Spin Dizzy. He had been on it before at a birthday party two times straight after the other. Needless to say it didn't end well so he was understandably anxious.  He decided to go on it in the end and then as we were leaving asked to go on it again.  He loved it and knows that twice in a row is not good but twice spread out over the day is much better.  It goes without saying that I took a fair few photos of him on the ride but because, as the name suggests, it moves so fast this was perhaps one of the better ones.....needless to say there are and will never be any photos of me on this ride. I hate this sort of thing lol

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