Saturday, 26 April 2014

Day Trip To Skipton

We took a little trip to Skipton in North Yorkshire on Thursday. 

Two trains to get there

Unbelievably this old clunky train we got from Leeds goes all the way to Morecambe. I don't think I'd be impressed going on a cross Pennine journey on that but just over half an hour to Skipton was fine. 

We went on a boat up the canal and back again

We saw a man on a funny water bike thing having a photoshoot. It was to do with the Tour de France coming through the town this summer

Then we went to find a little cafe for something to eat. First one we walked into that wasn't too busy we were refused service. Apparently it was over 50s only. Empty aswell. I need to learn to read.  As much as I wanted to embrace going to a traditional cafe over fast food we were starving so ended up at Subway over the road. 

We had a little wander around the town and then made our way to a huge park over from the train station where my son could let off a bit of steam. 

I spent a few minutes taking in the surroundings and trying to take a bit of a panoramic view of the hill and beautiful trees. There were a fair few people in the playground with tiny people having lots of fun which was lovely to see. 

Then it was back on the train to Leeds. Posh one this time. Four minutes to get across the station for our connecting clunky train home or thirty four minutes for the next one. We made the four minutes with seconds to spare and home. 

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