Wednesday, 23 April 2014

100 Happy Days - 34 to 36

Day 34 - crazy temperatures on bank holiday Monday.

Day 35 - my youngest has been pestering for his hair cutting into a quiff what feels like every minute of every day for the last few weeks. I finally took him yesterday. We went to a different barber shop to usual. This one was a Turkish barber and when he asked for a quiff the barber said did he mean a comb over which is popular right now and similar. Apparently so. He's chuffed to bits with it. Way too short at the back in my opinion but if he likes it and it's what he wants then I'm happy. 

Day 36 - my eldest son pressed the button on the UCAS website today. We have spent a lot of time and travelled a lot of miles to get to this point of making the firm choice. 4 of his 5 offers all had the same entry criteria of AAB and the other had a very low requirement so insurance was a choice of one. The big decision came down to two. One was a short distance from home and the other a couple of hours. His choice, which I respect, was a couple of hours away. It was the one university that stood out above the others for everything. He is happy so I am happy. No photo for this one. 

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Maria Ontiveros said...

Congrats to your boy on getting into a place he wants to be. That's quite a hair do!