Tuesday, 8 April 2014

100 Happy Days - Days 15 to 20

Oops I've got behind with posting this. No surprise there then!

Day 15 was the first birthday my daughter has had away from home as it usually falls in uni holidays so it was strange. My happy day photo was pinched from her Instagram of some of her presents.

Day 16 was the first outdoor rugby session of the year. Muddy knees = a happy kid who has had a good time and therefore a happy mum.

Day 17 is quite simply kitty cuddles. 

Day 18 is planting parsnips and turnips at  the allotment. 

Day 19 - the first craft fair of the year. I do a regular venue once a month but there haven't been any since December so I'm happy to be back into it. 

Day 20 - sproutings overnight in a makeshift planter I sowed some perennial flower seeds. I'm over the moon they've germinated. 


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