Sunday, 20 April 2014

100 Happy Days - 31 to 33

Day 31 was going to be apple blossom buds until I noticed this little bit of wallpapering my 18 year old had done in his bedroom. A level maths and further maths revision. Made me smile. 

Day 32 - freshly dug land at the allotment. A very satisfying feeling. Needs some chicken manure pellets sprinkling on before the rain comes in the next few days and raking over. I think this will be my sweetcorn bed this year. 

Day 33 - the Easter bunny came. 4 each for my 4 kiddiwinks from ourselves/my brother and sister plus a huge box of choccies for them to share from my mum. I don't get the whole lavish gift thing at Easter. When the kids were little we maybe bought a DVD between them or they had new clothes to wear but I've seen pics on Facebook today of Christmasesque piles of presents all wrapped up. Explain the reason for Easter and give them a chocolate egg and/or an egg hunt. There's no need for the rest of it (in my tight fisted opinion lol).


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