Friday, 1 August 2014

August Blogging - Day 1

I've been rather neglectful of my little bloggy place for some time now. I always mean to write things but then I get distracted and just never get around to it. I read a lot of blogs via feedly and saw that Steph was planning to do her own personal challenge for August so I thought I'd play along with her. I'm not too sure what some of the prompts mean and I may not do all of them as I'm not that into the fashion side of it but you never know.

So day 1 - About Me

I'm 42 and live in West Yorkshire with my husband, our 4 kids, 2 dogs and 3 cats. You have to breathe in a bit to fit us all in the house.

I started this blog in March 2008. I did have another one before that with Wordpress. I discovered blogger was a better set up and here I am. My Wordpress blog was where I took part in the photo challenges Steph mentions in her post linked above. I met some lovely people through there and am still in touch with most of them on Facebook.

I blog about a variety of different subjects - pets, knitting, crochet, family, sky photos amongst other things.

Until the last few months I used to do a fair bit of scrapbooking but I've lost my way a bit with that. Mr mojo is on an extended break.

I have an allotment which has been a massive learning curve in the almost two years we have had it. All that stuff goes in a separate blog.

Beauty box reviews have been a common feature on here but just lately I haven't even bothered to blog those. iPhone games have a lot to answer for in terms of time running away. Less games more blogging is in order I think.

I will just say from the outset that I've been less than complimentary about fashion bloggers in the past. I honestly don't think anybody cares what I'm wearing each and every day. It would get very boring as I don't have tons of clothes. Over time though from regularly reading one or two I've come round a little bit. My only bugbear is the fashion bloggers who are wearing clothes that so obviously don't fit yet blog that they fit perfectly. A bigger size sometimes works wonders for how something looks. Be honest with yourself.

That's a little insight into me.


faith76 said...

Thanks for sharing about you xxx

Steph C said...


Thanks for joining in. I hoping some of the prompts might make more sense as initially they were very specific to me but i've tried to make them more generic.

I think in the fashion blogging world there is a lot of talk of wearing what ever you want regardless if people think it's flattering or not and there is a massive thing around body positivity. I'm slowly getting there but I do agree some people could use a size or two up for it to look nicer in my eyes.

However I think we need to use our own judgement.if someone is wearing something you think looks too small if you're going to buy it at least you know to size up.

It's a hard one really, it's be a very boring world if we all go on :)