Tuesday, 5 August 2014

August Blogging - Day 5 Make Up and Memories

Today Steph asked us what is in our make up bag and Emma asked about a vivid memory. I've decided to combine the two prompts.

So what's in my make up bag?

I do have a fair bit of make up and the majority of it I never use. I really need a clear out of the drawer I keep it all in. When we were away last weekend I put what I considered essentials in one of the drawstring bags that come in a Birchbox and was too lazy to empty it again when I got home so here it is:

A body oil sample size, Boots No7 lipstick, L'Occitaine day cream, L'Oreal CC cream (antidullness), Rimmel eye quad, Benefit mascara mini, L'Oreal illuminating powder, Max Factor long lasting lipstick and gloss, brown eye liner, party poof lipstick and various brushes and a set of tweezers. God knows why there are 3 lipsticks in there. The max factor one lasts all day but can be very drying. I like the No 7 one better even though it doesn't last as long. The CC cream is something I really like. I made a massive mistake though and bought it on a L'Oreal 3 for 2 in Boots with the illuminating powder and got one for anti fatigue too. That one was my mistake as it is that awful Oompa Loompa orange the youngsters seem to favour not realising how ridiculous it looks. I was under the impression it was just a neutral sort of shade that suits most people but obviously not. I felt a bit cheated out of the offer but hey ho nevermind. Love the anti dullness one though and the illuminating powder.

So on to my vivid make up memory. It's from when I was in my early teenage years. You need to bear in mind that this was the eighties. Electric blue mascara and eyeliner was all the rage. Pocket money and the Boots Seventeen range. Anyway I must have looked a state at that age with the blue stuff on my eyes. I know if it was my daughter I wouldn't have been impressed. My dad was in hospital recovering from a knee operation and we had been to visit him. I had sneaked some of my mum's foundation on thinking I looked the bees knees. My mum has quite dark colouring for a white lady (Romany gypsy throwback apparently from a few generations back) and I'm quite pale skinned so you can imagine what I looked like with the way too dark and badly applied foundation together with the electric blue eye products. I will never forget my dad beckoning me over to the bed before we went home and telling me it would be better if the next time I went I didn't wear the make up. I don't think I've ever worn coloured mascara again.


Steph C said...

I love peeking inside people's makeup bags. I must admit I've never tried cc cream. I didn't really get all the choices available. Might have to have a look

I love that you combined the two challenges xx

Emily - faliLV said...

Oh man!! I bet you looked a sight! Thanks for sharing - I had a nice laugh!