Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Yarn On A Wednesday

I've been working on an MCAL (mystery crochet along) this week. The pattern was gifted when I signed up for the MCAL and can be found here

My progress to clue 2 is this

and these are for clue 3

Lots and lots of little motifs which further clues will hopefully provide more rows making them into flowers or squares and I would imagine the latter clues will be how to join them together to make a scarf/shawl/blanket depending on how many motifs are made. I'm aiming for the scarf but you never know....

Still plodding on with The Book Thief since that photo of it with my knitting last week. Not enjoying it at all but trying to stick with it.

Linking in with Tami and Yarnalong once they are up this week. Yarnalong is dealing with an awful tragedy at the moment so understandably may not have a link this week.


Corrabelle said...

I love all those colours together, they're assembled like happy little families! Some tiny ones would make adorable buttons :)

Melissa Marie said...

What a cute flower! :)

Amanda said...

Life is too short to waste on bad books. Put it down and maybe some other season of life, you will pick it back up and enjoy it more!

CathieJ said...

What a lot of great little crochet motifs.