Saturday, 2 August 2014

August Blogging - Day 2

Steph asked - Do You Join In With Any Linkys Or Blog Challenges?

My answer would be not regularly for a while.

I used to join in with Skywatch Friday (which actually goes live on a Thursday evening) every week and post things like these clouds which remind me of the fluffy ones kids draw on pictures.

I used to regularly link up to a knitting one called Tamis Amis where we can show our progress on whatever knitting or crochet project we are currently working on that particular Wednesday - WIP Wednesday (work in progress). On a Friday she does FO Friday (finished object Friday) where we can gush about our recently completed items. I have much much more work in progress than I ever finish. The ladies in my knitting group call it startitis (the art of starting projects). Last week I actually joined in for a change.

Then there is Rinda's Summer Photo Hunt. A list of required items is published and we have the summer to find the items to photograph. Rinda puts a linky up every so often for us to see how each other has interpreted the prompts. It can be challenging. Sometimes I know where I can find something such as I knew there would be a mascot race at the rugby BBQ but I don't have a clue where I will find a waterfall or a parade. That's where interpretation comes in.

Love this lamp post shot I got for the challenge

I think that's about it.

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Steph C said...

i'd forgotten all about sky watch. I used to link up to that back in the HSMS days x