Monday, 4 August 2014

August Blogging - Day 4

Today Steph's prompt is which blog events have you been to and met up with people?

This one is easy - I haven't. I've met Kirsty Wiseman a couple of times at craft events but only because she was working there and I was a customer. She is one of the ladies who set up herspace MySpace back in the day.

I also stumbled upon another blog challenge yesterday by Emma at Outmumbered. I'm hoping to be able to combine both challenges starting today. Emma's prompt today is - where would you like to be in 10 years?

Hopefully with a lot less debt around our shoulders. The mortgage should be paid off as should a longstanding loan which has been a chain around our necks and has prevented us borrowing anything at all until it is gone.

I would like to be as proud of the kids as I am right now. Eldest continuing in her teaching career which she is starting in September, 18 year old to have gained the a level results he needs next week to get in the university of his choice, gain the maths degree he craves and have a good job. Our 16 year old to get good gcse results this month and for him to take the path he chooses which will allow him to continue to maturely deal with the demons living a life with autism brings. Our youngest to grow into an adult, again dealing with the demons of autism, and fulfilling his dreams. Most of all though for them all (and us) to be happy and healthy and if the path they currently choose isn't working to make the correct decision to enable them to be happy. Who knows they may even have produced children of their own by then.

I don't have any idea work wise what I want to be doing at 52. I'm not doing the same job I was doing 10 years ago nor was I doing 10 years ago what I was doing 10 years before that. 10 years ago I had a 6 month old baby.

Who knows what the future holds?

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Steph C said...

I've met Kirsty as well. I met up with a few of the HSMS crowd in Manchester a few years ago and she popped in to see up all.

I discovered the other challenge just as i posted my prompts. I might join you in doing a bit of them both x