Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Trip To The Seaside

I love our nearest coastline - our town in West Yorkshire is around 70 miles from the east coast so not exactly near but closer than the west coast. 

Scarborough and Bridlington have lovely sandy beaches and whilst they are commercialised there are also spots where you can step away from all that. We had a day trip to Bridlington last Thursday. 

Our day took the usual route when we go there - use the park and ride at south beach which in reality is so close to everything you'd only need to use the ride bit if you had either mobility issues or were very lazy 

It leads down to this beach but we usually walk towards the commercialised end and get some chips and icecream at the harbour

Then it is on to the amusements and let the kids loose with a pot of 2p coins to feed the machines

Yikes that chin shot isn't very flattering!

Then it's a walk through town and back to the car to collect the beach gear. The bag has all kinds of stuff in it and we've used the same one for several years since the youngest was tiny. These days he doesn't get much more than his rugby ball out of it. It's a permanent fixture to his hand most of the time lately. A kite and bucket and spade made a brief appearance last week but they soon went away in favour of skimming stones in the sea. I guess he's getting older.  Personally I was selfish and let the husband do all the kid stuff and sit in a chair with my knitting. 

Then we took a drive a few miles down the coast to a place called Barmston where we stayed in 2012 for a few days. This section of the coastline suffers badly from coastal erosion and is living on borrowed time.  These are some pictures of the current state it is in. 

See the pipe coming out of the cliff? That wasn't there last time we were here so must have been exposed when more land disappeared to the sea.

Footpath has almost gone. 

Very sad state of affairs that Mother Nature has brought to this area and continues to take from. 

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