Saturday, 27 February 2010

New Additions To The Family BUT..........

.....there is a price to pay.

These two cuties arrived in the post yesterday at a cost of less than £4 for the pair including postage thanks to ebay.

Their purpose is to be friends to my youngest child but only when he has reached the top of these charts.

One is for mornings and the other for evenings.  If his angry little self can behave until school time then he moves up a place and the same from coming home from school to bedtime.  So far we have one morning moved up.  It might be a long slog to get there but I thought if he could actually see the reward at the end then he might have more incentive to work harder towards it.  He loves the PG Tips monkey on the adverts and eats Muller Rice in great abundance so I thought they would be ideal rewards. 

These charts have worked before with him so I am pretty hopeful.  They can be downloaded free from  They come in two halves and there is another sheet with the character and she does girls ones too.  I then got the two halves plus the characters laminated so it keeps it nice and clean.

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Lizzie said...

Oh that is such a great idea! We have used reward charts with our boy, to encourage him. The secret seems to be, to find the thing that will motivate them - which changes all the time, as they get new interests and grow older. When he was very little, a chart was no good, but once he was about 6 or so, it was great. He's got to the stage now, where pocket-money is a motivation, as he's always saving up for a model or two to add to his "Warhammer" games.
You have obviously got a great handle on what motivates your little guy. Those are such sweet toys. I'm sure he'll work hard to win his rewards. Good luck to him!