Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Walks 5 and 6

I'm cheating a little bit with the aim of catching up with 52 walks in a year with my camera.  This morning the dogs went on separate walks and I took the camera both times so these are walks 5 and 6.

Daisy's turn was first. There were no other dogs around so she came off the lead for a run and a play with her ball.  The ball was OK for a while but she soon preferred rolling in the mud.

Check out the ears - I'm sure she thinks she's Dumbo

We dropped her off at home and picked up Charlie.  Unfortunately between us leaving the park and getting back there a few minutes later 4 dogs had arrived including one quite scary looking one which meant Charlie was staying on his lead and the very muddy ball had to stay in it's poop bag.

We had a walk around though and he messed in the puddles.

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Parsley said...

Great pics and sweet dogs. I'm a sucker for dogs but you probably knew that.