Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Walk 3

Still playing catch up with this so I might have to squeeze in another walk before the end of the week.

Phone camera rather than proper camera so quality is rubbish.

Abandoned shopping trolley

Then we went to the park and I thought I would do the same shot of the park as walk 1 but without the snow.

That figure with the dog past the railings is a lady who I would love to refer to as the 'person' who thinks she owns the park but shhhhh I didn't say that.  The look on her face when anybody else is there with a dog is enough to make you instantly dislike her. Her dog is a similar age to mine but not being a daft 1 year old labrador hers has grown up a bit and she won't allow it to play other than to run for a ball. Running around with other dogs is certainly out of the question. I once dared to let Daisy off the lead near her dog and she gave me the filthiest look because Daisy wanted to introduce herself and give her dog a sniff hello.  I can understand it to a certain degree and I personally would hate a dog jumping up at me but Daisy doesn't do that. Charlie on the other hand I would NEVER let off his lead when anybody else is around.  He has let me down so many times that it just doesn't happen anymore.  Another park in future when she is around me thinks!!

and last but not least my two mutts in same park this morning.

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