Thursday, 25 February 2010

Round Up Of The D Words

The D Words

For a recap of what the A-Z year long challenge is please see this site

For D we did a few things

First of all double d which is Daisy Dog having a sniff at the remains of a snowman

Driving in dense fog

Looking around the 'dorms' at uni

We had quite a few desserts.  This one is Key Lime Pie from the Hairy Bikers recipe made with Oreos on the base.

Diggers from the roadworks the other day


and  I dyed my hair much darker than it was before

We also ate double chocolate icecream, donuts, watched Dancing on Ice, daddy got drunk, had Dr Pepper (yuk), my dad joined facebook.

My poor little man had a trip to the doctors yet again for poorly ears and ended up with double strength medicine.

Leeds United players with D words are Michael Doyle and Davide Somme.

Now onto music - as always Red Hot Chili Peppers and the tracks I have picked for D are

Dani California and

Desecration Smile.  This is my favourite video they have ever made (well maybe with the exception of Road Trippin) and definitely in my top 5 of their songs.


Angie said...

that Key lime pie looks soooooooyummy.

Lizzie said...

Daffodils and Dessert... definitely my two favourites out of that list!
Not a fan of the Dense fog!