Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Something Different

Quite by accident I happened upon this project (mostly in German but hey so what - I'll use a translator) whilst I was on a blog cruise.  You know the sort of thing where you click on a link which leads to another link and another and then you find yourself completely inspired and lose a couple of hours in the process.

I haven't done any cross stich for a number of years.  My youngest child is 6 and I still haven't done his birth sampler despite starting it a long time ago.  I bet it is well over 5 years since I touched any of it.  Anyway I love how this is in 12 parts spread throughout the year.  Our house is *fingers crossed* going to see a lot of work over the coming year due to a loft conversion which needs all kinds of other things doing to meet building regulations.  Anyway I thought that it would be nice on a wall somewhere in one of the altered rooms to mark the year and a small section once a month is probably something I can keep up with.

Here are January and February and part of the border.


Theresa said...

Looks lovely - glad you managed to get going on it and the monthly pictures are quick to stitch aren't they?

Stephanie J said...

That is too cool - good luck keeping up with it; hopefully you'll post each section as you complete it!

I agree, clicking a link & finding a whole new source of inspiration is awesome - which is why I'm going to follow your blog, too!

Thanks for entering in my candy - good luck!