Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Walk 4

Still playing catch up but remembering to take the camera is something I keep forgetting.

Anyway walk 4 today was just an ordinary dog walk that I do every so often when I want exercise rather than letting them off their leads.  As you can see we went past a football/soccer field.  It is actually owned by a school and there are notices all over saying  KEEP YOUR DOG ON A LEASH.  Some of the local football teams use it so I think it is only respectful to not let the dogs on it.  I wouldn't like to think I was washing anything unsavoury off my son from an irresponsible dog owner.

This picture shows just how much of a problem litter is near the field.  That big thing is a for sale sign from a house just dumped in the undergrowth.

Departing from that particular area is via these steps up to the busy main road.  I wish I had thought to video the dogs going up them.  One very elegant male dog and one very ungainly female dog. 

This was them pushing one another to see who could get there first.

Just after I took that photo it started snowing so we were rather wet by the time we got home.

Tomorrow I'll be doing my A to Z round up of the C words plus my scrapbook layouts of A and B.

In honor of Charlie in the picture just above here is Charlie by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  This song plus Charlie from Lost are where his name came from.

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