Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Bit Of A Wash Out

We went to the German Christmas Market in Leeds on Sunday.  I was quite excited about going but it was actually rather a let down. 

The weather didn't help, it poured it down for most of the day.  I don't really know what I expected to be honest.  I went with the intention of buying my 16 year old son a nice hat. I absolutely didn't want to get him one of those horrible flourescent chav type ones everybody seems to be wearing. It just isn't him at all.  There were only two stalls with hats, one was boring and the other, whilst it was lovely and I could have spent a fortune on my littlest son, just didn't have anything suitable or the right size.

There were some lovely little stalls with handmade wooden toys and gorgeous christmas decorations but I wasn't really wanting to buy anything like that.

There were lots of food stalls and booze stalls

It was a bit early in the morning for drinking alcohol but those little cups they served mulled wine in are adorable.

Loving this table

and then there was the honey stall which had various beeswax candles. On the train home I was asked by my middle son if they were for eating. I'm assuming he thought they were edible with them being on the honey stall.

He did get to eat some German sausage in a bread roll. It was really nice and made up for the rest of it being a bit of a let down.  I was peeved aswell because I'd planned on taking some arty farty Hipstamatic pictures of the cabins but the latest update crashed everytime I opened it and I ended up having to restore my whole phone back to a previous backup. This was to September and it deleted everything since then including messages. Not impressed because they know about the trouble it has caused a lot of their customers and they still have the update in the app store. 

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Julie J said...

Sooo sorry you had such a bad time. It looks really empty. We did Birmingham German christmas Market in the rain on saturday. DD had a wonderful time and i got soaked, but I did get to try some effects on my new phone. Worst part was DD losing her purse. Luckily it only had a few pennies in it but she said she was more bothered about the purse - a beautiful orange sequined butterfly.