Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Do you use Facebook?

I do but to be totally honest it is rapidly losing its appeal.  I made a promise to myself earlier in the year that I would spend less time on there. 

The long school holidays helped me make a start on ridding the addiction.

I weaned myself off the time sucking games. 

I used to go on Farmville and Frontierville several times a day but I can't remember the last time I went on Farmville. 

I did go on Frontierville for about 10 minutes last week and found that I really couldn't be bothered with it.

I've opened my eyes recently to the victim attention seekers who can't seem to go more than a couple of hours without another 'oh look at me and how badly done to I am' post.  I used to sympathise and then I saw that that was what they were wanting from everybody.  Now I am of the opinion that the hide button is the best option for their whining.  Nothing will stop them and they won't do anything to change their lives.

Then there are the classic attention seekers who need to tell us every single thing about their lives.  Yawn....BORING!

Now don't get me wrong I have probably been guilty in the past and I apologise to anybody who had to sit through any of that.  I haven't updated my own wall apart from the running app which does it itself for nearly a week because my life really is not that interesting that anybody could give a monkeys fluff about it.

I'm not abandoning it completely because I do have friends who are none of those things mentioned above and I value that.  The rest will go on the ever expanding hide list.

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K said...

I know exactly what you mean about facebook, especially the whingers! The new list system really helps with those though, I have all the people I want to read the updates of in my close friends list so quick click & its nothing but them :-)

My status seems to be used for sharing links a couple of times a week, sometimes to a good sale, other times a joke or to vent my sarcasm, & occassionally a mini protest (such as the latest they have made My Little Pony skinny!!! do we need more extremely thin images for our girls?)