Monday, 12 September 2011

LSNED Catch Up

Here are days 8 to 12.

Day 8 I learnt not to leave my eldest son in charge of cutting and cooking green beans for tea whilst I take little man for his swimming lesson. Burnt pan and no edible beans.

Burnt Saucepan

Day 9 I learnt that, despite doing the exercise, eating crap doesn't get rid of the excess weight and at weigh in today I was the same as last week.

Day 10 My middle man (13 year old) accompanied me to the big park for my run this morning.  He was on the school cross country team last year so in theory it was a good combination to take him.  In practice though maybe not.  All my fault though because I left his inhaler in the car.  He hasn't had any symptoms for several months so I didn't really consider taking it until half way around and he was struggling for his breath.  The decision was made to take a steady walk back to the car instead of carrying on.  Lesson learnt was definitely not to second guess that he would be OK and that his inhaler still needs to come with us. 

Walked half the runs

Day 11 A massive spider took up residence in the living room this evening and I hadn't estimated how much of a phobia certain people in this house have of them.

Day 12 today - running again but a big lesson for me in technology.  I was messing with the c25k app I use over the weekend and today I just pressed the go button thinking it would start at the next run from the last one I did - erm no doesn't work like that.  I ended up doing day 1 week 1 again.  However, since I didn't do it properly on Saturday and considering I stupidly chose a route with an unexpected incline and the wind was quite strong I maybe didn't make too much of a mistake.  I'll just start week 2 on Wednesday instead.

Wrong Week

Speaking of the wind - it isn't the actual hurricane we are getting here in the UK.  It isn't possible for a hurricane to hit.  My daughter explained it all to me yesterday and I had heard it on the local weather forecast on Friday aswell.  It is something to do with the sea temperature having to be at a minimum of 27 degrees to a certain depth which we just do not get here.  Gales more like but definitely not a hurricane as lots of places are reporting.


My simple life said...

fx you have a better weigh in and some nicer beans next week. lol

Claireliz said...

Great LSNED lessons.

Glen said...

Looks like a cookery lesson is on the cards! *Ü* I notice there was no photo of the spider Kerry! LOL. TFS. ~Glen~

Ali said...

wow, seriously diverse learnings. good luck with your running.

Jenny said...

It's flaming windy here too! love the LSNED learnings, the burnt pan sounds like me, I forget I've put things on.