Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Welcome To Autumn Or Is It?

When I was a kid I was taught that the seasons always changed on the 21st of every third month which would officially make today the start of autumn.  Apparently not.  So lesson 21 learnt is that the first official day of autumn is the 23rd September this year. 


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It feels a lot like autumn out there.  I went onto some grass this morning on my run and decided it was maybe a bad idea with all the leaves making it hard to distinguish between leaves and other dodgy brown stuff (you get me don't you?).

I've even seen a forecast this morning that snow is predicted for October this year.  That is unheard of here in the UK.  We had it bad in November last year which was unusual.  Sign of the changes in the global thingy I suppose.

However I still haven't had a crop of strawberries from my hanging basket yet.  They are slowly forming but whether they will actually turn red remains to be seen.

Speaking of hanging baskets.  I picked up some heavily discounted seeds in the sales and planted some ornamental cabbages in a basket in anticipation of how nice they would be to look at in the depths of winter and they grew really well and I was feeling so proud of growing something like that.  That is until last night and I glanced up at the basket while I took the dogs out in the yard for their end of the day functions.  In just one day they had gone from very leafy and green to this. 

The culprit can be seen wearing the green jacket.  I am seriously not impressed. Those leaves in the picture are about the only ones that still remain.  The very hungry caterpillar story comes to mind and hopefully with them being in the basket they won't be able to attack anything else not that I have all those things in the story planted in my yard lol

Yesterday my learning came about courtesy of the tall one and little man.  The tall one needed putting on the right train to my other half from work so they could go to the Leeds match. He hasn't done it on his own before and with more than one train due at around the same time I thought it best to make sure. We got half way up the street and realised his half fare pass was still in my purse at home.  I ran home, got it and ran to catch them up but the tinkers thought it was funny to increase their walking pace so I had to run further and faster all the while laughing their heads off at me.  My lesson was that running in sandals buggers the knees.  They were aching like mad for a good hour or so afterwards.

Today's run was the beginning of week 3 in which the schedule goes like this:

5 minute brisk warm up walk
90 seconds running
90 seconds walking
3 minutes running
3 minutes walking
90 seconds running
90 seconds walking
3 minutes running
3 minutes walking
5 minute cool down walk

Those 3 minute runs are doubling what I have done in the past.  I managed everything except those.  The app gives you a countdown during those 3 minutes and I got to just past 2 on each one before I had to walk.  Hopefully next time I can go that bit further and complete them.  Saying that though my pace wasn't that bad this time and I actually think the map got the distance right for a change.


K said...

I'm looking forward to jogging in the different weather the season changes bring. After slacking off during the summer hols I have gone back to week 1 and loved jogging in the rain yesterday ... we'll see if that love continues as the weather gets colder.

AS for early snow, the summer seemed to start & end very early this year so it seems almost right to have snow early, who knows, it might mean we'll get a white christmas :-)

Kcalpesh said...

Really wonderful colors in the first picture... Too good!!

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