Monday, 5 September 2011

LSNED Days 4 and 5

Day 4 I learnt that it is helpful to check dates on items before I buy them. This lesson is the second time in the last week or so that I have bought out of date food without realising. Last time it was crisps. This week it was mayonnaise with a date of May 2011 so it looks like asda will be getting a visit later to take it back.

Day 5 I have a screen shot from my phone for

I discovered c25k on the nhs website at the beginning of the school holidays and have been itching to start once my little man went back to school. That day was today.

Anyway my lesson learnt is that I'm unfit and even though day one is alternating one minute running with one and a half minutes walking for twenty minutes I still ended up walking for two of those minute runs. It is a starting point though and a work in progress which I am building towards in the process of dropping some lard off my ass. I'm really not sure how the pace thing works because 2.46 miles at a pace of 19.22 minutes a mile over 30 minutes doesn't really work out.  Maybe it is averages or maybe the GPS bit got its knickers in a twist and it wasn't really 2.46 miles. I do usually walk faster that that though so I really don't know what happened.  I did go quite a haphazard route around the rabbit warren of terrace rows near us - maybe it got confused.  Next time I have a different route in mind which takes me more of a circular route. 

If you use the podcasts from the NHS website it is free.  I was all for doing it for free but having heard other people talk about it I decided to buy this £1.99 app for my iphone. It lets you play your own music and as you can see from my screen shot it tracks pace and miles.  One very simple thing I thought was good was that it tells you when you are at the halfway point of your workout.  So if you just set off from home and kept going then in theory once it tells you then you could turn around and arrive back home spot on the end time.

I also learnt that some streets are dead ends and it is a bit embarrassing to have to turn around when people are stood there.

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