Sunday, 5 September 2010

Learn Something New Everyday - Day 4

Yesterday was booster time for Daisy.  Last year the nurse told me she was chunky and needed to lose some weight. She was 28kg. 

This year the vet said she could do with losing a kilo or two to be ideal weight but that she wasn't massively overweight.  Getting her on the scales was a two person job because there was a rottie right at the side of the scale who was much more interesting than standing on a scale.  She came in at 30.1kg.  This is despite reducing her food and hardly giving any treats at all. The only ones she has are tiny little things on recall practice at the park.  She also eats exactly the same amount as Charlie who is lab cross and only weighs 21kg but looks like he could do with a good meal.

So my lesson was that the vet thinks losing a kilo or two back down to 28kg  is fine and she would be ideal yet the nurse last year thought that 28kg was chunky.  I think I will go with what the vet says and maybe in that year between being 1 year old and 2 years old she might actually have grown and she would actually have lost some if she hadn't grown. 

I'll stop rambling now.

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Sian said...

You've got a lovely clean new look to your blog :) Lovely.